• Students studying at Royal School of Needlework need to select Farnham campus.

    Students studying at Maidstone Television Studios need to select Rochester campus.
  • Please tell us which course you are studying on.
  • This is where you chose the position you are running for.

    On each campus, there are 3 Union Council positions available:

    1 x FE (Further education) Union Councillor
    2 x HE (Higher education) Union Councillor

    There is one Student Governor position available, and can be run for by students from any campus.

  • This photo will appear on the voting page, so voters can recognise their preferred candidate. You may want to use this same photo when campaigning for the role.

  • Your manifesto is an explanation of your ideas and goals, and students will use the manifestos to decide who they want to represent them. You can submit it as a simple text statement, or make an A4 image that shows students more about who you are.